P&A Giving

We do not approach social impact and purpose as philanthropy; as something distinct from ‘how we make money’. We believe in the holistic alignment of impact and purpose as core to our business function. Our purpose is to foster positive social impact through the building of sustainable and prosperous communities while thoughtfully integrating our charitable giving and philanthropic initiatives into our daily commercial activity.


With the passing of the family's leader and patriarch, Pasquale Paletta in 2019, the family resolved to create a long-term strategy for their philanthropy through a new organization established for that, P&A Giving Inc.


P&A has donated significant funds and made substantial commitments to 3 of Canada's best-known donor advised funds:

·       The Hamilton Community Foundation

·       Charitable Impact

·       Canada Gives


With funds already disbursed to worthy causes such as Pandemic relief, further support for Joseph Brant Hospital, and other notable local charities, this initiative will work to explore and better resource causes and organizations that are dedicated to improving the health and wellness of the communities in which we operate.