About Us

Our Mission

We build sustainable, innovative, and diverse communities where people can live, work, play, and flourish in partnership with aligned stakeholders.

Our Vision

To be a leader in promoting the sustainable development of the built and natural environments.

The latin word Alinea, which is symbolized by the pilcrow, ¶, a typographical symbol that marks the start of a new paragraph, represents the start of a new train of thought within an existing and continuing narrative.   For us, our new identity as Alinea allows us to acknowledge and honour the founding and early growth of the Paletta family enterprise led by Pasquale (Pat) Paletta, while making clear that its new leadership embraces a fresh way of thinking and is open to insights and inspiration from others in the ongoing creation of community.

Our logo is compromised of two principle elements.  The first is the three overlapping panels representing the continuum of ‘time’.  The family’s past is reflected in the panel in the lower left, the present in the center and the company’s future to the upper right. 


The second element can be seen in the silhouetted presence of the alinea pilcrow in the upper right portion of the central panel, echoed again in the upper right panel.  The overlapping pilcrows at the junction of the present and the future remind us to constantly seek that ‘new line’ in all that we do as our covenant with the past and commitment to the future.


We have a long history of building for impact. As Penta Properties Inc, we specialized in residential land development and retail and industrial property development across the GTA and Hamilton-Niagara Region for nearly 60 years. Under new leadership, our company has undergone a fundamental transformation and adopted a new approach to building prosperous and sustainable communities. 


We believe that developers should be responsive to community needs and serve as environmental stewards. Our priority is to meet the demands of our growing population, improving both the inventory of housing for homebuyers while working to improve its affordability. In doing so, we seek to foster positive environmental impacts while creating thriving community ecosystems.

Meet The Team

Alinea Group Holdings Inc
4480 Paletta Court, Burlington, Ontario L7L 5R2
Phone  905-632-6036
Fax 905-632-0034

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